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You are here: morphology > conjunctions

Conjunctions are invariable parts of the speech that link together two elements of the same kind inside a sentence or two sentences in a period.

"Marco compra un orologio e una penna."
In this example the conjunction 'e' connects two elements in a sentence.

"Marco compra un orologio e dopo torna a casa."
In this example the conjunction 'e' connects two sentences in a period.

There are two kinds of conjunctions:

  • coordinating conjunctions  (connect two elements of a sentence or two sentences of the same importance)

    "Marco compra il giornale e il pane."
    "Marco compra il giornale e lo legge."

  • subordinating conjunctions  ( introduce a subordinating sentence, which is less important and depends from an other sentence)

    "Marco corre perché è in ritardo."

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