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You are here: morphology > prepositions

The preposition is a fixed part (invariabile) of the speech..
The preposition creates a logic relation between two elements of the speech.

" La casa + Marco --> la casa di Marco. "

All the prepositions introduce a specific grammatical element (complemento), that completes the speech.

" La bottiglia sul tavolo. "

Prepositions can be formed from:

  • a basic preposition (DI, A, DA, IN, CON, PER, SU, TRA / FRA, are called proprie)
  • verbs, adjectives or adverbs with a preposition function (SOPRA, SOTTO, ..., are called improprie)
  • words or groups of words + a preposition (VICINO A, LONTANO DA, ..., are called locuzioni)

PROPER prepositions are divided in:

  • simple (without articles: DI, A...)
  • articulated (with articles: DEL, AL...)

Go to: articulated > improper > locutions > simple

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