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You are here: morphology > verbs

The verb is the part of the speech that describes the action

The features of the verbs are:

  • the person  (indicates the subject that does the action)

    The persons in Italian are io, tu, lui (masculine), lei (feminine), noi, voi, loro (masculine and feminine).

  • the manner  (indicates how the action happens)

    In Italian there are seven manners or moods with different forms and functions: indicativo (indicative), congiuntivo (subjunctive), condizionale (conditional),imperativo (imperative), infinito (infinitive), gerundio (gerund), participio (participle).

  • the time  (indicates when the action happens)

    In Italian there are many different times: all the seven manners of the verb have different times.
    The times can be simple (only one word) or compound (two or more words).

  • the form  (indicates the kind of action)

    In Italian the form can be active transitive, active intransitive, reflexive and passive.

In Italian there are regular and irregular verbs.

The regular verbs are conjugated like this:

  • simple verbs  (base of the verb + ending)

    "Io parl-O con Marco."

  • compound verbs  (auxiliary verb + past participle of the verb)

    "Io ho parlato con Marco."

The irregular verbs don't have a stable behavior; it's possible to study the forms of these verbs in the section irregular verbs.

The regular verbs always follow the same behavior.
To find the base of the verb you have to eliminate the last three letters from the infinitive form (-ARE, -ERE or -IRE).
To form the past participle, in the place of -ARE, -ERE or -IRE you use the ending -ATO, UTO, ITO.

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