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A sentence is a together of words with a logic meaning.

" Marco mangia la pizza con i suoi amici in un ristorante tipico di Roma. "

The fundamental element of the sentence is the verb, because usually in Italian the verb gives all the most important indications.

The verbs contains the following information:

  • describes the action
  • indicates the subject that does the action
  • indicates the time when the action happens
  • indicates the manner the action happens

In Italian there are two kinds of sentences.

The sentence can be:

  • semplice (simple sentence)is composed by only one proposition and contains only one verb

    "Marco va a casa."

  • complessa or periodo (complex sentence)is composed by more propositions and contains more verbs

    "Marco va a casa e si prepara la cena, poi esce con i colleghi."

In this section we will analyze the elements that compose the simple sentence. The analysis of the elements of a complex sentence will be analyzed in the section of the period syntax.

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